• house – dom
  • flat/apartment – mieszkanie
  • bungalow – dom parterowy
  • detached house – dom jednorodzinny
  • semi-detached house – bliźniak
  • terraced houses – domki szeregowe
  • block of flats – blok mieszkalny
  • residential house – budynek mieszkalny
  • bedsit – kawalerka
  • studio – studio, kawalerka
  • skyscraper – wieżowiec
  • penthouse – apartament na ostatnim piętrze
  • cottage – dom wiejski
  • farmhouse – dom w gospodarstwie rolnym
  • manor house – rezydencja wiejska, dworek
  • mansion – rezydencja
  • castle – zamek
  • chalet – drewniana chata w górach
  • tenement house – kamienica czynszowa

a house/a flat

  • light – jasny
  • comfortable – wygodny
  • uncomfortable – niewygodny
  • spacious – przestronny
  • tidy – czysty, schludny
  • untidy – nieporządny, zaniedbany
  • cosy – przytulny
  • luxurious – luksusowy
  • sunny – słoneczny
  • noisy – głośny, pełen zgiełku
  • damp – wilgotny
  • faces south – wychodzi na połud­nie
  • looks out on the park – wychodzi na park
  • with a lovely view of… – z ładnym widokiem na…
  • in a lovely position – ładnie położony

If I won a million pounds, I’d buy a comfortable manor house for my parents because they’d love to live in the country. I’d choose a house with a view of the lake in picturesque surroundings. Then, I’d look for a luxurious penthouse in the capital for me and my girlfriend.

I’ve just moved to a house in the suburbs. It’s got four bedrooms and a large garden. It’s very spacious and there’s lots of room for the children. The sitting room faces south, so it’s fairly sunny.

My father wants to buy a house but we haven’t decided yet what type of accommodation to look for. Dad wants to have a detached house in a quiet district, whereas mum would like a mansion in the suburbs. I know we can afford none of them and I’m sure we’ll have a terraced house with a small garden in a housing estate. In comparison to our present flat, it will be a castle. We live in a block of flats in a poor district. Our flat is dark, damp and uncomfortable. No wonder we want to change it.