Before you go…

You go on a camp this year. Obviously you want to have a good time. Before you go, think of some important points!

Problem no 1

How to persuade (przekonać) your parents to give you more pocket money (kieszonkowe)?

  • Tell them you need to send a lot of postcards. They don’t want your friends, grandparents to forget about them during the summer!
  • You are going to a beautiful place and you want to buy some beautiful things.
  • You need to buy cards for your mobile to be able to call them or send messages every day.

Before you ask your parents to give you more pocket money for the camp, try to show them you really deserve (zasługujesz) it! Here are some small tricks to make your parents say “yes” to the extra pocket money:

  • clean the kitchen before they do it,
  • offer to help when you see them start cleaning,
  • be first to do the shopping,
  • walk the dog without being asked,
  • one Sunday say: “I’ll cook today!”.

Problem no 2

Is it a good idea to go on a camp with a good friend?
The answers are: YES and NO.

YES, because:

  • You’ll have a great time together!
  • You won’t have to spend all the time with new people if you don’t like them.
  • If you are shy (nieśmiały), you won’t be alone!
  • You can share (dzielić) clothes! You’ll have two suitcases with you!

NO, because:

  • You will fight! You fight (kłócić się) during the school year and you won’t stop at the camp.
  • You will spend most of the time together and you won’t meet many new people.
  • Your friend may be jealous (zazdrosny) if you spend too much time with somebody else!
  • You won’t have a break from your friend and you won’t have YOUR stories from the holidays!

Problem no 3

Should you borrow (pożyczyć) clothes from you brother or sister (or mum or dad)?
You have lots of clothes but somebody from your family has something you really like! Before you borrow any clothes from your brother or sister (dad or mum), make sure it’s a good decision.

  • You will have some extra (dodatkowe) clothes!
  • They may be perfect for a disco.
  • You don’t have to buy anything new.
  • People who know you will think you have new things.
  • It may get dirty!
  • It may get destroyed! – even a small hole (dziurka) may cause a storm (wywołać burzę)!
  • You have to look after (troszczyć się) to it even if you are not wearing it.
  • You can’t have fun in it – it is too dangerous!

Remember! Never, never, never borrow your brother’s or sister’s piece of clothes! It’s too much responsibility (odpowiedzialności)!

Problem no 4

What to do if it’s boring during the camp?
When you don’t like the camp and you think your would have a better time with your friends, you can always call your parents and ask them to take you home. But don’t do it without thinking it over (przemyśleć) carefully! Imagine: At the camp the situation got better. There were discos, bonfires, trips, they played sports, and they had lots of fun. Wouldn’t you be sorry you went home earlier? So maybe it’s better to stay longer at the camp and see what happens.

But of course there are situations when you have to call your parents. Definitely call them if:

  • other kids are aggressive and you don’t like their company;
  • the place you are staying is not prepared for guests: dirty bathrooms, smelly rooms etc.
  • you don’t get enough food or drinks;
  • you travel in dangerous conditions (the bus is very old, you walk in the mountains during heavy rain or without a teacher);
  • the teachers are irresponsible.