Temat: podróżowanie i turystyka

Zadanie maturalne

Przeczytaj uważnie poniższy artykuł. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w tekście zdecyduj, które zdania w tabeli są zgodne z treścią tekstu (TRUE), a które nie (FALSE). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli.


Dazzling, unique, modern and traditional – Just Dubai!

Where is the only in the world seven-star hotel situated? Where can you find one of the most beautiful carpets as well as the most prestigious universities, thrilling desert conservation park and incredible man-made islands shaped into continents?
If you want to find out more about this prosperous country, explore The United Arab Emirates with Jessica Johansson who has been living there for five years now. Ready? Then all aboard and off we go!

Interviewer: Jessica, you are British. I’ll ask simply – how did it happen you landed in Dubai?
Jessica Johansson: Well, it’s quite an usual story, I guess. My father is an IT specialist and we move to other countries on average every four years. Up to now I’ve lived in four countries – Slovakia, Hungary, Japan and now the UAE. Although I wasn’t born from a multicultural background like many friends of mine and both my grandpa and granny are from Essex, I don’t feel British. (1) The only thing I appreciate about my ”Britishness” is our ubiquitous language – I am proud it has practically become the mother tongue of majority of the world.

I: How do you feel in Dubai? Do you like the city?
JJ: I love it! I’ve read somewhere it is the most progressive city in the gulf region and I must tell you it can be seem everywhere. The city is breathtaking with its traditional coral-and-gypsum courtyard houses lost among shiny new skyscrapers every few metres as well as Masafi and Badiyah Mosque, the oldest and smallest mosque in the country. (2) Everything here seems to be luxurious and exotic. I’d call it Neverending Fairy Tale mixed with Disneyland. Wonderful!

I: That’s great you like it. What about your school, what is it like?
JJ: I attend international school in Dubai.
We’ve got here all the facilities one can imagine: for instance there isn’t just one computer lab as in the schools I used to attend before (3) – there are many computer labs with the latest computers in the most important sections of the building. Each computer is easily accessible for students, free and equipped with multimedia projector. We have school science laboratory to enhance practical applications, resource rooms next to each classroom and swimming pool. I feel safe here.

I: What about friendship? Have you got schoolmates, do you meet with each other after school?
JJ: Oh, yes! I’ve got many friends in my class. Have you known that more than three-quarters of the population here are expats? (4)
It makes Dubai one of the most multicultural cities in the world! No wonder I have many international pals at school. However, my best friend is also from the Commonwealth. She’s Aussie (5), her name is Patricia. We are in a very similar situation since her father works for the same company as mine.

I: Ah, Aussie… OK, you seem to be really rapt when you talk about Dubai, is there anything you don’t like there?
JJ: Let me think… frankly speaking there are no such things. Well, I feel a guest here and I feel really welcomed by the local people. I am happy I could visit this fascinating country. (6) Have I mentioned before that I visit local souks almost every day to feel how real life buzzes around me… and that The Palm can be seen from an outer space? Isn’t the UAE the most contradictory place in the world?

True or false?

1) Jessica Johansson originates from the United Kingdom. T F
2) In Dubai there are both modern and traditional buildings. T F
3) Jessica went to schools with no computer laboratories. T F
4) According to Jessica, majority of Dubai habitants are foreigners. T F
5) Patricia is from Austria. T F
6) Jessica wishes she did not live in the United Arab Emirates. T F

Zwróć uwagę na komentarze do tekstu:

1) Jessica pisze, że CHOCIAŻ NIE POCHODZI Z WIELOKULTUROWEJ RODZINY (wręcz przeciwnie, pochodzi z Wielkiej Brytanii), nie czuje się Brytyjką. Ale z pochodzenia niewątpliwie nią jest.
2) Nic dodać, nic ująć – tradycyjne domy i drapacze chmur obok siebie.
3) Nieprawda, laboratoria były, ale po jednym.
4) To prawda, 3/5 populacji to ekspatriaci, czyli osoby żyjące poza swoim krajem ojczystym.
5) Nie, jest Australijką, z Brytyjskiej Wspólnoty Narodów (Australia do niej należy od 1931r.).
6) Nic podobnego! Cały tekst to tylko pochwały na temat tego kraju! Nie ma ani słowa o tym, by Jessica chciała mieszkać gdzie indziej!