Have you ever heard of a very discipline called orienteering? It’s a running sport that involves (zawiera) navigation with a map and compass…

The most important thing during such a run is to get to your destination safely (bezpiecznie dotrzeć do celu). That’s why you have to train in four basic skills (cztery podstawowe umiejętności):

1. Reading a map (czytanie mapy)
First of all you have to make sure (upewnić się) that the map you are using is up-to-date (aktualna). You have to remember what the scale (skala) of the map is and what the different symbols (symbole) mean. It’s important to learn all the symbols by heart (na pamięć) as you won’t have time to learn the symbols during the run (podczas biegu).

2. Using a compass
If you learn how to use it, there shouldn’t be a problem. You should turn the ring (obrócić pierścień) of the compass in the direction North at the ring and the magnetic needle (igła magnetyczna) should show the same direction (ten sam kierunek). Now you can find the direction you are looking for (for example the North-East).

3. Measuring the distance (mierzenie odległości)
There are two methods of measuring the distance: one – with steps (krokami), you count how many steps you need to walk e.g. 1000 metres, then you check (sprawdzasz) the distance on the map; two – measuring the time. You check how much time you need to walk a certain distance and then you can figure out (określić) how much time you need for the whole route (całą trasę).

4. Nature (natura)
Observe the nature around you! It can help you find the way! Moss (mech) hates the sunshine that’s why it always grows on the northern side of the stone. A birch tree (brzoza) has lighter bark (kora) on the southern side. Observe the… ants! Their anthills’ (mrowiska) on the northern sides are more steep (strome)!
There are many clubs which can help you learn and train! So what are you waiting for? Good luck!