Travell as you like

There are no holidays without travelling! It’s very important to choose the best means of transport (środek transportu) for you and your family. You should feel comfortable and safe whilst (podczas) travelling.

Through the air (w powietrzu)

Travelling by plane is the fastest way (najszybszy sposób) to get anywhere nowadays. It takes about 4 hours to get from Warsaw to Barcelona, and 12 hours from Barcelona to New York! “I love planes!” says Arek, 15. “Taking-off (startowanie) and landing (lądowanie) can be stressful for some people but, personally, I don’t mind it! You always get a meal (posiłek) unless you fly with cheap airlines (tanie linie).”

Asia, 15, really loves flying: “I can see everything from above. The little houses and people looking like ants (mrówki).” Many teenagers would love to travel by helicopter or chopper (śmigłowiec). It’s a different means of transport, not as quick as a plane but still incredible (niesamowity)!

On water (na wodzie)

“Travelling on water can be relaxing” says Darek, 15. “I love the way that a boat (łódka) or ship (statek) is floating (unoszą się).” Many teenagers like canoeing, or yachting (pływanie na jachtach). “Big ships or ferries (promy) terrify me” says Ania, 14, “But I’m a good swimmer and I love spending my holidays by the lake!”

Some young people who don’t have problems with the seasickness (choroba morska) would love huge cruisers (statek z kabinami do spania). This is the place where you can do whatever you like even though you are on the open sea (na otwartym morzu)! There are swimming pools, tennis courts (korty tenisowe) and restaurants with fantastic food. Unfortunately, they are very expensive as well.

On land (na lądzie)
There is a great variety (różnorodność) of on-land transport (transport naziemny)! In the city, going by taxi saves (oszczędza) a lot of time and effort (wysiłku), although it doesn’t save you money. “Buses and coaches (autokary) can take you everywhere but personally I like travelling by train. I’m always excited before the journey (przed podróżą)” says Tomek, 15.

Lots of teenagers can’t imagine travelling by any other means of transport but a car. “It’s the most comfortable way to get to your holiday destination” says Klara, 16. “You can take as much luggage (bagaż) as you like!” You don’t meet strangers and the driver (mum or dad) can stop for a break anytime they need.

Get ready for holidays and choose your mean of transport!