Where to go with a teenager

Some parents don’t know how to organise holidays to make their children happy. Especially, when they have teenagers at home! What do teenagers like doing? Where would they have a good time? Some parents asked questions to the Junior High School students. What were their answers?

Question 1

I would like to prepare a surprise trip for my daughter. We don’t have much time for each other during the holidays. What would be interesting for her?

Asia: If you want it to be something really special, you should think of an old castle. There are many such castles and ruins in Poland and we, teenagers, like to see how people used to live a long time ago. There are also terrifying legends about some castles! I’m sure that your daughter will never forget such a trip!

a surprise trip – wycieczka niespodzianka
to think of – pomyśleć o
ruins – ruiny
a long time ago – dawno temu
terrifying legends – przerażające legendy

Question 2

This year we are going to the seaside. My son wants to see the Submarine Museum but I’m not sure if my 15-year-old daughter would like it. What should I do?

Malina: It will be definitely an incredible experience to go down to a real submarine even if your daughter is not interested in this subject! To make her happy, you could also go to an Aquarium. I’m sure she will like all the sea creatures that normally we can see only on TV! At the seaside there are also beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe or do water sports!

a submarine – łódź podwodna
experience – doświadczenie
an aquarium – tu: oceanarium
sea creatures – stworzenia morskie
to sunbathe – opalać się
water sports – sporty wodne

Question 3

My wife and I have decided to go on a trip to London. We want to see the city and maybe our son would practice his English. Unfortunately, my son hates the idea! Why is that?

Tomek: Maybe talking about him practicing English stresses him out! What may cheer him up is a visit to the Madame Tussaud’s and Rock Circus. You can see wax figures of famous people there. He will never forget this one! And there is the London Eye! Nobody in my age group would say no to such a ferris wheel ride (well, girls say ‘no’ but they are girls).

him practicing English – on ćwiczący angielski
to stess out – stresować
to cheer up – rozweselić
wax figures – figury woskowe
The London Eye – Londyńskie Oko (wielkie koło z wagonikami)

Question 4

I’m looking for a perfect camp for my son. He likes sports and history. Unfortunately, I’m afraid he won’t like my idea. How to talk him in to going on a camp?

Janek: It’s good you are looking for something connected with his hobby. I’m sure he’ll like the idea, especially if his friends would go there as well. People in my age don’t go on holiday on their own and such a camp is an opportunity to spend some time without parents. Any way, make sure that there are some trips organised during the summer camp otherwise he’ll get bored.

connected – połączone; związane
on their own – sami
an opportunity – możliwość
without parents – bez rodziców
organised – organizowane
otherwise – w przeciwnym razie