• performance – przedstawienie
  • play – sztuka
  • contemporary play – sztuka współczesna
  • social drama – dramat społeczny
  • historical drama – dramat historyczny
  • comedy of manners – komedia obyczajowa
  • tragedy – tragedia
  • matinee – przedstawienie poranne
  • revue – rewia
  • act – akt
  • scene – scena (część dramatu)
  • puppet theatre – teatr lalkowy

to stage a play – wystawić sztukę

  • stage – scena
  • scenography – scenografia
  • leading part – główna rola
  • to master a role – opanować rolę
  • to learn by heart – nauczyć się na pamięć
  • rehearsal – próba
  • dress rehearsal – próba generalna
  • to have a stage fright – mieć tremę
  • prompter – sufler
  • costume – kostium
  • prop – rekwizyt
  • stage setting – scenografia
  • curtain – kurtyna
  • wings, backstage – kulisy
  • lights – światła
  • footlights – światła rampy
  • spotlight – reflektor punktowy
  • applause – brawa, aplauz
  • to clap – klaskać
  • to boo – wyrażać dezaprobatę, „buczeć”
  • standing ovation – owacja na stojąco
  • box – loża
  • stalls – parter
  • circle – balkon
  • interval – przerwa, antrakt

I have not been to the theatre for ages so now I really don’t know what kind of performance I should choose. I used to like historical dramas but now I am more inclined to watch contemporary plays. Last time I went to the the­atre, I saw a co­medy of manners. It was funny and interesting in the first two acts but in the third one, it became boring. That is why I think that this time I will watch a tragedy or a social drama.

to stage a play
I love watching rehearsals in the theatre especially when they are about to stage a historical drama. The costumes and props are usually fantastic and the stage setting is impressive. Before the actors have mastered their roles well a prompter has a lot of work. They repeat the same scenes many times until everything goes well. I watch everything from the wings and I am never bored with it. I always try to watch the premiere and I usually have tickets in the box. Some actors suffer from a stage fright but they are able to overcome it. When the play has finished, they stand on the stage in the footlights and listen to the audience’s applause. I can see their faces beaming with joy.


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