• correspondence courses – kursy ko­res­pon­dencyjne
  • ballet school – szkoła baletowa
  • additional classes – zajęcia dodatkowe
  • optional classes – zajęcia fakultatywne
  • private lessons – korepetycje
  • debating club – klub dyskusyjny
  • drama group – kółko dramatyczne
  • amateur theatre – teatr amatorski
  • pottery – ceramika
  • language course – kurs językowy
  • language school – szkoła językowa
  • football/ rugby/ basketball etc. practice – zajęcia sportowe
  • choir practice – chór

My parents want me to attend some additional classes. I think they exaggerate because I already go to a language school twice a week and I have some private lessons on Mondays because I’m not very good at Maths. Mum would be very happy if I took ballet lessons but I hate classical music. Dad would rather I attended a debating club as he thinks I’m too shy and it would be beneficial to me. I’ve been thinking about an amateur theatre but there is nothing like that neither at my school nor at the leisure centre.


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