• compulsory schooling – obowiązek szkolny
  • to attend school – uczęszczać do szkoły
  • syllabus – program zajęć
  • certificate – świadectwo
  • school-leaving certificate – świadectwo ukończenia szkoły
  • expel somebody from school – wyrzucić kogoś ze szkoły

My best friend is going to be expelled from school. He’s an extremely lazy person. He didn’t write even one composition during the last term and he hardly ever did his homework. I offered to revise with him before tests but he never had time. He has already repeated a year so now according to the school regulations he has to change school. I had no problems with promotion to the third grade of secondary school. My certificate is almost perfect so I got a prize for one of the best results at school.


  • nursery school/ kindergarten – przedszkole
  • infant school (GB) – szkoła dla dzieci w wieku 5-7
  • primary school – szkoła podstawowa
  • middle school – gimnazjum
  • secondary school – szkoła średnia
  • grammar (GB) – liceum
  • high school (US) – liceum
  • comprehensive school (GB) – państwowa szkoła średnia
  • sixth form college – szkoła średnia dla licealistów, którzy zostają w szkole po 16. roku życia i chcą zdawać maturę
  • vocational school – szkoła ­zawodowa
  • technical college – technikum
  • state school (GB) – szkoła państwowa
  • public school (GB) – szkoła prywatna (średnia)
  • public school (US) – szkoła państwowa
  • private school – szkoła prywatna
  • fee-paying school – płatna szkoła
  • preparatory school (GB) – prywatna szkoła podstawowa
  • preparatory school (US) – prywatna szkoła średnia przygotowująca do studiów wyższych
  • college of further education – szkoła policealna, kolegium
  • co-educational/mixed school – szkoła koedukacyjna
  • single sex school – szkoła niekoedukacyjna
  • girls/ boys school – szkoła żeńska/męska
  • boarding school – szkoła z internatem
  • a boarder – mieszkaniec internatu

I wish I had brothers and sisters. I’m an only child so I’m always the centre of attention for my family. They are trying to plan my future without asking my opinion. My Dad wants me to go to a technical college although he knows I hate Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Mum would like me to attend a good grammar school. My grandparents oppose to co-educational schools so they’d rather send me to a private girls’ school. And I dream about going to a boarding school and staying far away from my family.

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