• to read books, magazines, newspapers – czytać książki, czasopisma, gazety
  • to watch TV – oglądać telewizję
  • to watch a video – oglądać film na wideo
  • to go to the cinema – iść do kina
  • to go to the theatre – iść do teatru
  • to listen to music – słuchać muzyki
  • to listen to the radio – słuchać radia
  • to go to a club – iść do klubu
  • to go to a disco – iść na dyskotekę
  • to play computer games – grać w gry komputerowe
  • to surf the Internet – surfować po internecie
  • to play cards – grać w karty
  • to play chess – grać w szachy
  • to do sport – uprawiać sport
  • to go swimming – uprawiać pływanie
  • roller-skating – jazda na rolkach

Hobby – hobby

  • painting – malowanie
  • drawing – rysowanie
  • photography – fotografowanie
  • dancing – taniec
  • pottery – ceramika
  • DIY (do-it-yourself) – majsterkowanie
  • modelling – modelarstwo
  • knitting – robienie na drutach
  • embroidery – haftowanie
  • sewing – szycie
  • to collect – zbierać, kolekcjonować
  • stamps – znaczki
  • postcards – widokówki
  • coins – monety
  • car models – modele samochodów
  • autographs – autografy
  • ornaments – bibeloty
  • antiques – antyki
  • works of art – dzieła sztuki

Mark, I have two tickets to the theatre for Saturday evening and I hope you will go with me. I think you spend too much time at home. Your mum says you play computer games or surf the Internet all days. You should go out more often and do some sports. What about going swimming or roller-skating on Sunday? We could also play chess and listen to my new CDs after that.

I really need a new hobby. I used to collect stamps, postcards and coins but I got bored with it and I gave my collection to my younger brother. I am interested in art so I considered collecting works of art and antiques but it turned out to be too expensive. I also wanted to take up painting or drawing but I am not talented enough to be any good at it. Mum advises me to start knitting, embroidery or sewing as it is a useful hobby which requires a lot of patience. However, this idea does not seem appealing to me. I think I will try DIY or modelling although it is said to be a rather unusual hobby for girls.