• insurance – ubezpieczenia
  • insurance company – firma ubezpieczeniowa
  • insurance society – towarzystwo ubezpieczeniowe
  • individual insurance – ubezpieczenie indywidualne
  • group insurance – ubezpieczenie grupowe
  • social insurance – ubezpieczenie socjalne
  • life insurance – ubezpieczenie na życie
  • health insurance – ubezpieczenie zdrowotne
  • property insurance – ubezpieczenie mienia
  • insurance policy – polisa ubezpieczeniowa
  • policy holder – ubezpieczony
  • insurer – ubezpieczyciel
  • underwriter – agent ubezpieczeniowy
  • to insure – ubezpieczyć
  • insurance premium – składka ubezpieczeniowa

My cousin works for an insurance company. He is a really devoted underwriter so he keeps on trying to convince my family that it is not enough to have health and social insurance. We should also have life and property insurance and he would help us to become happy policy holders. He does not understand that the insurance premium is too high and we do not want any other insurance.


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