• banknote – banknot
  • coin – moneta
  • change – drobne
  • cash – gotówka
  • cash machine – bankomat
  • cash card – karta bankomatowa
  • cash a cheque – zrealizować czek
  • credit card – karta kredytowa
  • cheque – czek
  • dud (cheque) – czek bez pokrycia
  • blank cheque – czek in blanco
  • cheque to bearer – czek na okaziciela
  • traveller’s cheque – czek podróżny
  • payment – płatność
  • exchange rate – kurs wymiany
  • currency – waluta

I went to the Himalayas last summer and it turned out to be the best holiday I have ever had. However, it took weeks to prepare everything. At first I had to check what the currency in Nepal is. I knew that in remote Asian villages there are neither cash machines nor banks where I could cash a cheque. I realized that a credit card or traveller’s cheques would be not enough and I should have some cash. I changed some money when the exchange rate was favourable and I had both Nepalese bank notes and coins with me.


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