• crisket – krykiet
  • cricketer – gracz w krykieta
  • bat – kij do krykieta
  • wicket – bramka w krykiecie
  • polo – polo
  • mallet – kij do gry w polo
  • golf – golf
  • golf-club – kij golfowy
  • golf course – pole golfowe
  • football – piłka nożna
  • snooker – snooker
  • darts – rzutki

British traditional sports seem to match British character. They are rather slow and effortless. Darts and snooker are the best examples as they can be played in pubs in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. One of the typically British sports is cricket. The game is played by two teams of 11 people on a mown grass field with special bats and wickets. Another British sport is polo which is believed to be reserved for the élite. It is a ball game played on horseback with mallets.


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