• conservative – konserwatywny
  • reserved – powściągliwy
  • phlegmatic – flegmatyczny
  • unimaginative – pozbawiony wyobraźni
  • boring – nudny
  • uncomunicative – nierozmowny
  • to keep distance – utrzymywać dystans
  • tasteless food – jedzenie pozbawione smaku
  • sense of humour – poczucie humoru
  • small talk – rozmowa towarzyska
  • superficial – powierzchowny
  • courtesy – uprzejmość
  • polite – uprzejmy
  • well-mannered – dobrze wychowany
  • to have green fingers – być dob­rym w ogrodnictwie

It is not easy to decide on the typically British characteristics. Since not all English people are boring or reserved. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult to generalize and draw a portrait of a typical Briton. The fact that the Great Britain is an island lets us understand why people there differ so much from other nations. A typical Englishman is believed to be boring, cold, uncommunicative and phlegmatic. He eats tasteless food and he is the master of trivial conversations called small talk. Although he is extremely polite and well-mannered, it is not easy to make friends with him.


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