• professional sportsman – zawodowy sportowiec
  • sports club – klub sportowy
  • member of a club – członek klubu
  • sport association – stowarzyszenie sportowe
  • coach – trener
  • to train – trenować
  • to practice sport – uprawiać sport
  • to win – wygrać
  • to lose – przegrać
  • to break a record – pobić rekord
  • to set a record – ustanowić rekord
  • victory – zwycięstwo
  • champion – mistrz
  • medallist – medalista
  • to be in a good shape – mieć dobrą kondycję
  • to be in a top form/shape – być w szczytowej formie

I’m very fond of sport and I want to be a professional sportsman in the future. I practice target shooting four times a week in a local sports club, where they have a very good rifle range. It’s a sport which requires a lot of patience and precision, but I have a very good coach. I’ve already won some competitions but I haven’t been in a top form yet. I dream of breaking records and becoming a gold medallist in important tournaments.

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