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Zadanie maturalne

Przeczytaj uważnie poniższy tekst, z którego usunięto pięć zdań. W każde z miejsce (1–5) wstaw literę (A–E) oznaczającą brakujące zdanie. Jedno ze zdań zostało podane dodatkowo.


Post office disaster

“What’s going on?” I wondered as I came round the corner and saw a group of people standing in front if the post office building. (1)

At first I thought that the post office is closed and I have made my effort to be here before they close in vain. As I approached I realized that they were just congregating in front of the entrance. (2). I just made my way through the crowd and happily found the entrance door.

As soon as I was in the building I rushed to the appropriate desk. (3) As my mother always sends me with the bills I was fully prepared. I had reached into my backpack for a book and started reading. The book was gripping. Maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed when I was “the next” in the line with the bills.

The assistant scrutinized my bills and carefully keyed in all the numbers, gave the total amount and looked at me expectantly. This was the moment when my horror begun. I couldn’t locate my wallet. (4) Immediately, the assistant repeated the amount but I was still searching for the wallet. I was furious. (5) I have realized that the group of people in front of the building I had to make my way through. They were pickpocketers.

A. “Lucky me” I thought “The bills are made to be paid today”.
B. I remembered the moment of putting it into my jacket.
C. Naturally, there were dozen people waiting in the queue in front of me.
D. The people were quietly talking about something.
E. And that was the moment when it all came to me.

A2. B4. C3. D1. E.5

1. the people = a group of people
2. Grupka ludzi zgromadziła się przed wejściem (just congregating), ale nie oznaczało to, że poczta była nieczynna, rachunki zostaną więc opłacone.
3. Ponieważ mama wysyła go na pocztę z rachunkami zawsze, używa on słowa „naturally”, mówiąc o kolejce.
4. wallet = it
5. have realized that = all came to me