ANG English Every Day

Czy jesteś nieśmiały/a?

Czy jesteś nieśmiały/a? Answer the questions below by choosing A, B, C or D and read your characteristic. (Odpowiedz na poniższe pytania, wybierając A, B, C lub D i przeczytaj swoją charakterystykę.) 1. Think of your first day at new school or a class. What did you do? (Pomyśl o swoim pierwszym dniu w nowej szkole lub klasie. Co robiłeś?) A. I set down and watched my new classmates. (Siedziałem

What’s with your mind?

YOUR MIND Do you sometimes feel that you don’t use your mind properly? Do you have any problems with learning? Do you forget things easily? Well, here are some tips how to use your mind: 1. Find your own rhythm! Try to learn by heart a few lines of a poem at different times of the day. If you remember the most from the morning that means this is the best time

Let’s not have a drink

Alcohol, let’s face it, can be really dangerous… There are no rules and no particular limits for us. It is said that one beer won’t harm you, but it may just be a very dangerous beginning for us. Tony tells his story I was about 14 when my parents let me go camping with my friends for the first time. I’d never been a troublesome kid and my parents really

What animal are you? TEST

Test yourself! What animal are you? Wybierz najlepiej pasującą odpowiedź dla siebie, podlicz punkty i dowiedz się, jakim jesteś zwierzakiem. 1. Where do you spend your free time? Where I can be alone with my partner. – 0 points Where something interesting is happening. – 1 point With my closest friends. – 2 points In a place I know well. – 3 points Where I can think. – 4 points 2. What do you like