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Słownictwo (Angielski)


COSMOS I’ve always been interested in astronomy. At the age of six I could find in the night sky not only The Great Bear, Polaris and The Plough but also Cassiopeia and Venus. Then, I started reading books about the universe and I wanted to know everything about our solar system. I observed the shooting stars, the phases of the moon and I even went abroad to see the eclipse. I’d like to be an

Świat przyrody – zadanie maturalne

Świat przyrody Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj poniższe wypowiedzi osób (A-D). Następnie odpowiedz na pytania pod tekstem (1-5), wpisując odpowiednie litery umieszczone obok każdego pytania. A. Janice First of all, we should concentrate on preventing destruction of the habitat. I think we should give more financial support to poorer countries where people are destroying habitats. When the animals lose their habitats, they become extinct. In addition, we could concentrate on planting more


THE LANDSCAPE When I’m tired of the noise of the big city I go to the mountains. I hire a room in a chalet which is situated at the end of a picturesque valley. I have a wonderful view of mountain peaks covered with snow. They belong to a large mountain range in the South of the country. There are no cars; I can only hear a few tourists and the low sound of streams and waterfalls. I’d like to

Environment protection – ochrona środowiska

Environment pollution One of the greatest problems of the contemporary world is the pollution of the environment. Cars and factories emit gases which contaminate the atmosphere. It leads to depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain and global warming. Water is also heavily polluted because of tanker leaks, oil spills and the dumping of sewage directly into rivers and seas. Deforestation and the use of fertilizers cause soil erosion, the

PLANTS – rośliny

Plants – rośliny Julka: I adore flowers! My favourite season of the year is spring! Everything is in bloom! Trees, bushes and lawns. After a long and boring winter I can finally see some life. I always try to put some in my room. My boyfriend gives me roses when we meet. I like them, but my favourite flowers are daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths! Their vivid colours always look

THE WEATHER – pogoda

CLIMATE Europe is a continent with a wide variety of climates. It’s hot and dry in Spain, Italy, Greece and the south of France, whereas in the north it’s very cold. Great Britain has a temperate climate, with mild winters, humid springs and warm summers. Climate – klimat warm – ciepły cold – zimny mild – łagodny humid – wilgotny dry – suchy temperate – umiarkowany   WEATHER Cold weather The weather in September


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS I visited my uncle in Moscow last summer. He is an ambassador there so I could observe his work in diplomacy. Polish – Russian relations were rather tense therefore he worked on reducing the tension between the two countries. He managed to reach compromise on many important issues. He also negotiated terms of the summit which was due to take place in September. Poland and Russia signed a treaty which


THE LAW Crime The number of kidnappings for ransom is growing in proportion to economic development and the widening disproportion in incomes. Kidnappers are usually people with a criminal record for offences such as robberies, muggings or burglaries. If a family gets instructions from a kidnapper, the police should be informed, despite the warnings not to do so. When I was on holidays, I saw a robbery. I went to the bank and I was just about to take the money out

WELFARE – opieka społeczna

WELFARE – opieka społeczna Poverty A lot of people in Poland live in poverty. If they have right to welfare, they turn to the Department of Social Security. They receive a benefit but it is often too low for them to get by so they often fall into debts. Hopefully, there are a lot of charity organizations which offer financial and material support for people in need. Poverty – ubóstwo to live


RELIGION & DENOMINATIONS There are more than one hundred registered churches and religious associations in Poland. The biggest numbers belong to the Catholic Church, approximately 95% of the religious segment of Polish society. There are now 40 dioceses and 13 Latin metropolitan archdioceses, and one Byzantine-Ukrainian metropolitan archdiocese. The head of a diocese is its bishop. All the bishops together constitute the Episcopate of Poland. Apart from the Catholic Church there


ECONOMY Since the turning point of 1989, Poland has undergone great political, social and economic changes. The introduction of democratic structures, the shift from a command economy to the free market and wide-ranging systemic reforms are all achievements which enable the country to develop its economy. After a short period of recession and stagnation the crisis has been overcome. Although the inflation rate is still high, there are more and more investments

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games You don’t have to be a great fan of sport to be excited before every Olympic Games. We all wait for this event, keeping our fingers crossed (trzymając kciuki) for the sportsmen from our country. The original Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and was celebrated until AD 393. Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. And that is how it

SPORT – zadanie maturalne

Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz właściwą odpowiedź do każdej z luk, zaznaczając ją kółkiem: 1)    a) making b) made c) breaking d) broke 2)    a) who b) which c) where d) when 3)    a) audience b) performers c) opponents d) spectators 4)    a) way b) hand c) direction d) method 5)    a) generous b) traditional c) tremendous d) deep 6)    a) eaters b) people c) roots d) hoppers


IMPREZY SPORTOWE I’m looking forward to the next Olympic Games. I always watch them as in my opinion they are the most important sporting event. I prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter ones because I have more time during holidays to watch all of the competitions. The moment of lighting the Olympic flame is always moving as well as the speeches from members of the International Olympic Committee. Some


LOOKING FOR A JOB Work is an essential part of our lives. Sooner or later every graduate will face the problem of job hunting. There are job centres and employment agencies which help people find a suitable job. You can find there some job offers and talk to consultants who will instruct you how to apply for a job. Employers usually want people with professional experience. Therefore, if you have no work certificate,


PROSPECTS & SECURITY WORKPLACE I have been thinking a lot about my future but I haven’t decided yet what career I should choose. All I know is that I do not want to work in a noisy, dirty and dangerous environment. That is why working in a factory on an assembly line or at a machine is not my idea of a job. I would rather be self-employed in my own company without the necessity to commute or to relocate.


JOB SATISFACTION I would like to be a banker in the future. I know it may be a boring job but it has many advantages. First of all, you receive a high salary, steady income and bonuses if you are a good employee. Some bankers enjoy such perks as a mobile phone or a company car. You also have both social and health insurance and a good pension scheme so you can feel secure about your future. There


PROFFESIONS medicine – medycyna I had a terrible sore throat last month so I visited a doctor. He examined me thoroughly and prescribed some medicine. Unfortunately, I felt worse and worse so I had to see him again. It turned out that my tonsils were infected and I had to be operated on. I made an appointment with a surgeon and we decided to have them out as soon as possible. First, a nurse took my blood pressure and gave

TEMAT: PRACA – zadanie maturalne

Temat: praca Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie odpowiedz na pięć pytań, wpisując właściwą literę odpowiadającą imieniu osoby w kratkę obok pytania.   WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB? Although they have never been in real situation of job search yet and their first priority is probably still focused more on passing final exams at secondary school with flying colours than finding an outstanding position just after the very last exam

Temat: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie – zadanie maturalne

Temat: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie Zadanie maturalne Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Na podstawie zawartych w nim informacji zadecyduj, które zdania podane w tabeli są zgodne z treścią tekstu (T), a które nie (F). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli. Families at war Divorce is indiscriminate. It can affect anyone, at any time, breaking up what seem to be the happiest, most secure of marriages, creating havoc in the lives of