Choose your favourite colour and read about your character!

  • White
    If your favourite colour is white, you are an introvert person. Although you are usually hard-working, modest and you don’t like to boast about your achievements. You live in your own world, and sometimes you can be selfish.
  • Orange
    The orange people are intelligent and versatile. They are always very busy with their own life and may become aggressive and rude when people disturb them.
  • Pink
    If you love pink, you are probably rather lazy: you don’t like working and your favourite activity is shopping. You also spend hours in front of the mirror – you are really vain! You are always polite and friendly to people and people simply love you!
  • Purple
    If your favourite colour is purple, you are calm and you don’t loose your temper. Deeply in your heart you are sensitive – when somebody really hurts you, that’s simply the end of the relationship. You are also very honest and a bit shy.
  • Yellow
    If you chose yellow, you are definitely an extrovert, open person. You like being with people and you are very tolerant. But it might happen that tolerance means being cowardly – when you don’t react to somebody’s rude behaviour.
  • Blue
    If your favourite colour is blue, you are very romantic – and you love the sea! You love doing things: jewellery, beads, knitting, painting – they are your favourite activities. But it happens that you are unable to keep your things in order and you can be clumsy.
  • Khaki
    You are the most sociable person in the world! People love you because you are always cheerful and pleased. Obviously you are very talka­tive and your monologues are really famous.
  • Red
    If you chose red colour, it means you are an ambitious person. You always want to be better and you take from life as much as possible. You are generous to your friends and family. It is very difficult to make you change your mind – you are really stubborn!
  • Chocolate brown
    You are a reliable and patient person. You know what you have to do and you just do it.You are a quiet person.
  • Black
    A person who chooses black is rebellious and brave. They don’t like authorities and institutions.

Improve your vocabulary!

  • aggressive agresywny
  • ambitious ambitny
  • arrogant arogancki
  • boring nudny
  • brave dzielny
  • calm spokojny
  • cheerful wesoły
  • clumsy niezdarny
  • conceited zarozumiały
  • cowardly tchórzliwy
  • creative twórczy, kreatywny
  • dishonest nieuczciwy
  • extrovert ekstrawertyk
  • friendly przyjacielski
  • generous hojny
  • hard-working pracowity
  • honest uczciwy
  • impatient niecierpliwy
  • intelligent inteligentny
  • introvert introwertyk
  • lazy leniwy
  • lonely samotny
  • materialistic materialista
  • mean skąpy
  • modest skromny
  • open otwarty
  • patient cierpliwy
  • pleased zadowolony
  • polite uprzejmy
  • quiet cichy
  • rebelious buntowniczy
  • reliable solidny
  • romantic romantyczny
  • rude niegrzeczny
  • sad smutny
  • selfish samolubny
  • sensitive wrażliwy
  • shy nieśmiały
  • sociable towarzyski
  • strange dziwaczny
  • stubborn uparty
  • talkative gadatliwy
  • tolerant tolerancyjny
  • unambitious pozbawiony ambicji
  • understanding wyrozumiały
  • unreliable niesolidny
  • vain próżny
  • versatile wszechstronny