Z Angielski na wakacje


Teenagers about holiday Marta: People usually choose some exotic destinations, but I’ve always dreamt about a very special holiday here, in Poland. I love the seaside and my dream is to walk on the beach – starting in the West and finishing in the East. I would start from the island of Wolin, and then go East. I think I would stay a few days in Łeba on the way East because it is my fauvourite

What kind of holidays is perfect for you?

Do you like moving? Read each sentence and tick: ALWAYS, OFTEN, SELDOM or NEVER (depends which is the best answer for you). 1. I love running. I run to school. q ALWAYS q OFTEN q SELDOM q NEVER 2. I choose walk instead of bus. q ALWAYS q OFTEN q SELDOM q NEVER 3. I watch out on my diet. q ALWAYS q OFTEN q SELDOM q NEVER 4. Every weather is good for a walk. q ALWAYS q OFTEN q SELDOM q NEVER 5. I visit sport club sometimes. q ALWAYS q OFTEN

Are you a perfect couple?

1. My boyfriend (girlfriend) respects all my believes and my point of view even if he (she) doesn’t agree with them. A. always B. rather yes C. rather no D. never 2. My boyfriend (girlfriend) shows me that he (she) trusts me. A. always B. rather yes C. rather no D. never 3. Even if we argue sometimes, we forgive each other very quickly. A. always B. rather yes C. rather no D. never 4. My boyfriend (girlfriend) understands that I like my

About holiday relationships

Falling in love is easier on a holiday. First of all, you have more time and you don’t think about exams and tests. Secondly, the sun makes your blood run faster. When you spend time at the seaside or near a lake, there are many opportunities to meet people of the other sex. Camps enable you to make friends. It happens that you meet somebody, fall in love, but then, when you

Happy birthday to… me

You want to make a party because you want to celebrate your birthday. Answer the questions below and find out what is the best birthday celebration for you. Birthday! It’s one of the most desirable days of the year. Everybody treats you as if you were a king or queen. You get presents and you are all so happy! And this year. Do you have any idea how to celebrate your birthday?


Our world is divided into two parts. There are two worlds actually! Do you know what I mean? Women and men, girls and boys – although we learn and live in the same society, we will never understand some behaviours of the opposite sex! Boys and girls are interested in different things, very often they can see the world in a different way. That is one of the main reasons of fights

Funny holidays!

Holidays are gone but we still can remind ourselves what fun they were. There are hundreds of funny stories that will cheer us up! Here are just five of them. Many funny things happen during the holidays especially when you are with your friends. Last holidays I went to a summer camp at the seaside. Two of my friends went with me and we shared a room (dzielić pokój). One day I found an

Laugh brake

The following are actual statements found on insurance forms where drivers attempted to summarize the details of an accident in the fewest words possible: • Coming home, I drove into wrong house and collided with a tree I don’t have. • I thought my window was down, but found it was up when I put my head through it. • The other car collided with mine without giving warning of

Babskim okiem

laugh brake I`ve got you under my skin tak pewnego poranka zaśpiewał mi zmysłowym głosem Frank Sinatra… I od razu się rozmarzyłam, chwyciłam za telefon i wykręciłam numer do mojego angielskiego narzeczonego. Sweet nothings, ja mogłabym tak bez końca, ale okazało się, że John niekoniecznie: „Listen, honey, you made my day with your phone call, but I gotta go”. Tak mi rzekł, a wtedy serce rozpadło mi się na sto tysięcy kawałków. Ale skoro

Nice to meet you!

It is really nice to have a lot of friends! And if you want to have friends, you have to meet them first! In different countries there are different rules when you meet new people. In European countries you won’t offend anybody if you behave like you do in Poland but you have to remember that in some countries people behave a bit different. In Britain, for example, people sometime shake their


In 2001 the group was about to release the third album but it ceased to exist. Stacy went down with an emotional crisis and underwent therapy. For the next few years she continued to perform but without any major success, until she met Black Eyed Peas. She was invited to join the trio for a few songs and – then – permanently. The Black Eyed Pearls began as Atban Klann in

Cooking food

Cooking food – Przyrządzanie jedzenia Menu What are we going to eat today? Co będziemy dzisiaj jeść? We’ve got spaghetti/pasta/instant soup/noodles/rice with vegetables/chicken. Mamy spaghetti/makaron/kluski/ryż z warzywami/kurczaka. Let’s make a campfire. Zróbmy ognisko. We can roast sausages/potatoes/bread. Możemy upiec kiełbaski/ziemniaki/chleb. We can opt for a barbeque. Możemy zdecydować sie na grilla. We can make some sandwiches/a salad. Możemy zrobić kanapki/sałatkę. There are some cookies/chocolates in the box. W pudełku są ciasteczka/czekoladki. I’ve bought some ripe


There is nothing better than a fresh paperback bestseller. At the airport, on the beach, on the bus. Hundreds of titles every month. Bestselling novels according to the Amazon.com, Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, Barnes and Nobles… Now available also in Poland. Simply read. Harlan Coben – “The Woods” Captivating and thrilling, full of twists and turns, the latest Coben’s novel proves he’s a master. Paul Copeland is the Essex County, New Jersey prosecutor, raising alone

Girls’ talk

Mandy17: hi, annie, are you there? Annie17: hi Mandy17: what are you up to? Annie17: doing my bellies… Mandy17: what? Annie17: so I cannot talk to you right now. Mandy17: how many bellies are you going to do before you talk to me? Annie17: 200 Mandy17: so why don’t you first talk to me and then do whatever you want, huh? Annie17: OK, but we’ve got ten minutes, that’s the longest

Trendy and posh places, either you love or hate them.

Trendy and posh places, either you love or hate them. What is the truth about them? Spending evening out in the city centre is a dread for some and simply good time for others. Why is it so? Some of us feel great basking in the lights of downtown restaurants and cafés; others prefer to stay in comfy armchairs in front of their TVs. Visiting downtown is a joyful trip to the

Accidents happen. Conversation.

Accidents happen – Wypadki chodzą po ludziach My train is leaving – mój pociąg odjeżdża From which platform leaves train to…? Z którego peronu odjeżdża pociąg do…? May/Can I have return /one way ticket to…? Czy mogę prosić o bilet powrotny/w jedną stronę do…? Excuse me, where is the railway/bus station? Przepraszam, gdzie jest dworzec autobusowy/kolejowy? How to get to railway/bus station? Jak dotrzeć do dworca autobusowego/kolejowego? Where is the left luggage/ tisket

Horse riding guide. Conversation.

Horse riding is a fantastic sport. If you want to be a good rider, you have to know how to ride but also how to take care of your horse and how to behave to be safe. Remember! A horse is much stronger than you are so you have to keep your head clear when handling a horse. Meeting a horse – Poznanie konia This horse is beautiful. Ten koń jest piękny. Stroke him gently. Pogłaszcz go

How to get more money?

It’s impossible to save up a lot of money for holiday when you‘re a teen… 10.05 I have decided today that no longer will my parents rule my finances! I need money for holiday and I’m planning to save up some cash. I have devised a cunning plan. This is the time to implement it. 11.05 Today I have decided to take advantage of every possible opportunity to make money. I’m 17 and I have discovered that some

In the mountains. Conversatin.

In the mountains – W górach Nature – przyroda Let’s go hiking. Chodźmy w góry. We’re going to climb the mountain/go up the hill. Zamierzamy wejść na górę/wzgórze. I won’t make it to the top. Nie wejdę na szczyt. Let’s walk in the wood/forest and pick up raspberries/blueberries. Pospacerujmy w lesie i pozbierajmy maliny/jagody. There is a beautiful valley here. We can have a rest. Jest tu piękna dolina. Możemy odpocząć. The water in the stream is

I’m fed up with it!

My secret diary… It is high time I made some decisions about my life. I am a young, easy-going, fun-loving teenager who has mature plans about starting my own company and who wants to leave a warm homey nest as soon as possible but my family puts huge stones on my way! Whenever I come home from school all from my friends, at the end of my tether, my parents keep asking me if I can