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Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji

Masz nowego współlokatora w mieszkaniu, które wynajmujesz. Wytłumacz mu:

  • jakie reguły obowiązują,
  • gdzie są najważniejsze pomieszczenia.
  • Poproś go o numer jego komórki, na wszelki wypadek.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: Hi, it is great that we will live together. Can you show me around?
S: No problem. This is your room. You have got a bed and the shelves above the table. The wardrobe and book case also belong to you. The bathroom and the kitchen are just opposite my room. The washing machine is in the kitchen. You may feel free to use all the pots and pans but do not use my mugs and plates if you can. They are family souvenir. The living room has got TV and I have the computer but first ask me if you have to use it.
E: What are the rules to obey?
S: You have got your own keys but I do not want to be awoken at night so try to be quiet if you need to come late. I am quite tolerant but I would not like to see in my apartment any strangers. By the way, can I have your mobile number? Just in case.
E: No problem, here you are.



W mieszkaniu, które wynajmujesz, zapchał się zlew. Opowiedz właś­cicielowi mieszkania o całej sytuacji.

  • •Usterka nie była poważna.
  • Zadzwoniłeś do administracji i hydraulik naprawił wannę.
  • Powiedz, ile kosztowała naprawa.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna egzaminator.

E: I heard about some water problems you’ve had recently.
S: Yes, but everything is all right now. The wash basin got blocked with a lot of stuff. You may just imagine: a lot of hair, even a tissue! These things were not mine, definitely, as I just started living in your flat. But luckily I had the telephone number to the plumber. He came at once and quickly removed all the disgusting stuff. Next he checked if the pipe was OK. It cost me 10 pounds only.
E: Oh, so luckily it was nothing serious.



Chcesz odświeżyć mieszkanie, pomalować ściany, ale Twój współlokator chce też wymienić meble.

  • • Wyjaśnij mu, czemu to nie jest najlepszy pomysł.
    • Zaproponuj swój pomysł.
    • Poinformuj go o kosztach.

Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający.

S: I would like to refresh our flat, what do you think about that?
E: That’s a great idea. I will start looking for some new furniture!
S: I do not think that furniture is a good step. First of all, the furniture we have is not ours but belongs to the owner of the flat and I do not think that he would like to change them. What is more, I do not have money for a new bed or even a coffee table.
E: So, what do you want to do?
S: Buy some paint and change the colour of the walls in our rooms and in the kitchen. We can make the walls brighter. I was also thinking of changing the curtains and buying some flowers, so the flat will seem much a nicer place to live.
E: How much will it cost?
S: I have already checked that. A can of paint costs around 2 pounds so we want spend more for it than for a decent night out.
E: I agree, so let’s do it.