I’m sure you like fun but what do you prefer? Spending time with other people or maybe you prefer your own company? Check it out!

1. My birthday I celebrate…
♥ on my own.
♠ with my best friend.
♦ with few friends.
♣ on my party.

2. My perfect holiday place is…
♥ just far away from people.
♠ in the countryside with my family.
♦ camp site with my friends.
♣ a touristic place with discos and restaurants.

3. You are invited to a party where you don’t know many people.
♥ That’s OK. I just don’t talk to anyone.
♠ I try to keep close to my friends.
♦ I ask my friends to introduce me.
♣ In five minutes I have many new friends.

4. The best place to live for you is…
♥ the countryside.
♠ a small town.
♦ suburbs.
♣ a big city.

5. If you were alone on New Year’s Eve, how would you feel?
♥ Happy.
♠ I wouldn’t panic.
♦ Well, a bit lonely.
♣ Highly unhappy.



Mostly ♥
You are a typical loner! You would be the happiest person in the world if you lived in a desert island, meeting nobody, having time for yourself.

Mostly ♠
You are a quiet person and you like being on your own, sometimes. You don’t like big parties with lots of people but time with your close friend or a member of your family is very important for you.

Mostly ♦
You like other people and your social life is quite busy but you also need some time for yourself. If you don’t feel like going to the party, don’t do it! You won’t loose friends!

Mostly ♣
You can’t live without parties, people and social life. Even if you want to be alone, it doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes.


Ważne zwroty do zapamiętania!

good morning – dzień dobry (rano)
good afternoon – dzień dobry (po południu)
good evening – dzień dobry (wieczorem)
good day – dzień dobry (przez cały dzień)
hello = hi – cześć/ dzień dobry – pamiętaj, że jeżeli po angielsku powiesz „hello” do osoby starszej, nie ma w tym nic złego, ponieważ znaczy to „cześć”, ale też „dzień dobry”.
How are you? = How are you doing? = How do you do? – jak się masz, jak się miewasz, co słychać?
Where are you from? – Skąd jesteś? (Where are you from? – I’m from Poland.)
What’s your nationality? – Jaka jest twoja narodowość? (What’s your nationality? – I’m Polish.)
What do you do? – Co robisz? (Jest to pytanie o zawód lub po prostu o to, co robisz na co dzień. What do you do? – I’m a student/ a teacher.)
What are you doing here? – Co tutaj robisz? (Może to być pytanie o cel twojej podróży, o wakacje itp. W ten sposób pytasz, jeżeli chcesz wiedzieć, co osoba robi teraz lub przez jakiś tylko okres w teraźniejszości. – What are you doing here? – I’m here on holidays./ I’m studying English./ I live here).