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Temat: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie The photograph shows three people sitting at the table and talking. The woman, who is sitting on the left – hand side, is probably in her thirties. She has got short, fair hair, white teeth and long, black lashes. She is wearing a red shirt. The woman is pointing her finger towards the girl sitting next to her. The girl is smiling and as she

Temat: sport (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: sport Zapamiętaj zaznaczone zwroty! Będziesz mógł ich użyć także podczas Twojej matury! In the foreground of this picture I can see two women riding bicycles. In the background there is a wide concrete alley with palm trees growing on its both sides. I am able to notice a white coach parked between two of them. In the far distance there are white lamp posts. Both of the women are

Temat: praca (At the hairdresser’s)

Temat: praca In the picture we can see a woman who is trimming the man’s hair. The details of the picture make me think it has been taken at the hairdresser’s. The man is sitting and the hairdresser is standing behind him. I guess it is her job because she looks very concentrated as if she was giving some advice concerning hair care to the man. In the background we

Temat: człowiek (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: człowiek In the front of the picture we can see two people. In the background there are white vases with yellow flowers in them. The people seem to be at the florist’s or at the summer house. In the second case the house owner must like flowers very much as there are a lot of them everywhere. The man, who is standing on the left, has got white hair

Temat: praca (Rozmowy sterowane)

Uzyskiwanie i udzielanie informacji Idziesz ulicą i w witrynie sklepu z ubraniami widzisz ogłoszenie o pracę. Jesteś zainteresowany ofertą. Zapytaj o rodzaj pracy. Zainteresuj się, jaka liczbę godzin tygodniowo musiałbyś pracować. Dowiedz się, ile wynosi wynagrodzenie. Rozmowę rozpoczyna zdający. S: Good morning. I saw your advertisement. I’m looking for a temporary, part-time job. What kind of job are you offering? E: I am looking for somebody who could stand behind

Temat: zakupy (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: zakupy In the picture we can see three people. Two of them seem to be customers and the woman standing on the right is probably a shop-assistant. She is holding a mobile phone in her left hand. It is one of the most popular models in the world, not very modern one. The photo must have been taken about two or three years ago. I suppose the woman is

Temat: żywienie (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: żywienie In the picture we can see four people at the table. They are probably in the kitchen preparing food. In front of the picture there is a glass bowl containing vegetables. I can recognize some lettuce, some peas and perhaps some carrots. There is also a white bowl in the middle of the picture. I suppose the people form one family – on the left there is a

Temat: zakupy (Opis ilustracji)

In the picture we can see two girls, probably in their twenties. They are standing in front of the mirror. It might be the mirror in a shop changing room or a big one placed on the wardrobe door. The girls seem to be trying new trousers on. The girl on the left is wearing a yellow top and navy blue jeans and the girl on the right is wearing

Przykładowy opis ilustracji

Przykład 1. In the picture we can see a scene from a bookfair. We can see a big stand with an exhibition books from one publishing house. There are lots of books on shelves and some posters on the walls. There are also books on tables in the centre of the room, with their covers easily visible. The books are for children because the covers are colourful and there are vivid illustrations, too.


NA POZIOMIE PODSTAWOWYM  Zadanie 1: rozmowa sterowana Ta część egzaminu polega na przeprowadzeniu trzech rozmów sterowanych. Będziesz prowadził rozmowę z egzaminującym według scenariusza podanego w wylosowanym przez Ciebie zadaniu. Trzy rozmowy mają na celu sprawdzenie umiejętności: uzyskiwania, udzielania informacji, relacjonowania wydarzeń, w tym użycia czasów przeszłych, negocjowania. Zadanie 2: opis ilustracji, rozmowa Opiszesz ilustrację zamieszczoną w wylosowanym przez Ciebie zestawie i udzielisz odpowiedzi na dwa pytania postawione przez egzaminującego. W

Opis ilustracji 55

Przykładowy opis ilustracji This picture is a close-up of two boys. Both of them are wearing identical, white polo shirts – therefore I assume they attend the same school and the shirts are their school uniforms. The boys have got neatly trimmed, fair hair. The one in the foreground can be seen very well. His companion in the background of the picture, a bit to the left of the frame,