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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture I can see a stuntman doing some tricks with a skateboard. It is an indoor event. In the background we can see audience gathered in a stadium. All the people are looking at the young man who is clearly visible in the foreground. He is jumping high in the air. He is wearing some special clothes and a helmet. I think the event might be taking place to celebrate for

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture we can see some people gathered together – and a black car in the centre. Since the car is black and there are ­flowers on it, I presume the people are going to a funeral. On the car we can see a name – probably it is the name of the person who died. Her name was Esperanza – so she was probably Spanish or from South America.

Opis ilustracji – jak sobie świetnie z nim poradzić?

Opis ilustracji – jak sobie świetnie z nim poradzić? Koniecznie pamiętaj o zasadzie: od ogółu do szczegółu. Najpierw opis ogólny: co widzisz na obrazku? gdzie zdjęcie zostało zrobione? jaką przedstawia sytuację? jaka jest pogoda? (Na przykład jeśli obrazek przedstawia ludzi, którzy bawią się na przyjęciu, na początku zawsze mówisz, że na obrazku widzisz ludzi, którzy bawią się na przyjęciu, że przyjęcie jest na przykład w ogrodzie i że jest lato). Potem przejdź do opisu szczegółów:

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture we can see a woman preparing herself to a wedding. She is wearing a typical, beautiful white dress with nice embroidery on her shoulders. She has got a matching necklace and earrings and a small silver crown on her head. She looks really perfect. She might be in her thirties, I think. She is sitting on a chair, in a room with beautiful wallpaper with pink roses on the wall. There is

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture we can see an airport, probably in Asia, because people in the picture tend to have Asiatic features. I guess it is an airport because of the signs, which say C1-C6 – tradi­tionally gates on an airport are marked in this way. We can see some people queuing to check in and some people sitting and waiting for their planes. People are holding their hand

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture we can see a scene from a bookfair. We can see a big stand with an exhibition books from one publishing house. There are lots of books on shelves and some posters on the walls. There are also books on tables in the centre of the room, with their covers easily visible. The books are for children because the covers are colourful and there are vivid illustrations, too.

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture we can see a fish market. There are a few fish stalls under the roof. On the tables we can see various kinds of fish – there might be such fish as tuna, trout or salmon, but also some kinds of fish we do not know in Europe. We can also see other seafood – some mussels for example. We can also see the scales to weigh

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji: In the picture we can see some teenagers in front of a computer. There are six boys about twelve years old. Five boys are sitting and one boy is standing up and looking at the screen. He’s got a school rucksack on his back. There are three computers on a long desk. Perhaps there are more, but they are not visible. The attention of the boys is centered on a computer where

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In the picture I can see a wedding scene. In the centre we can see the bride and the groom probably walking out of the church. The bride is wearing a typical, white wedding gown and a white veil on her head. She might be Japanese or Chinese and she is very pretty. The groom looks very European. He is tall and well-built. He is wearing a black suit and

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Przykładowy opis ilustracji In the picture I can see a room in a kindergarten. There are about ten children in the room and there is their teacher. The children are sitting on the floor and listening to the teacher, who is showing them some things in the book. The girls are sitting in the first row and listening carefully, the boys do not seem to be concentrated on what the woman is showing


ROZMOWA NA PODSTAWIE ILUSTRACJI Opisz zamieszczoną ilustrację i odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego. W zadaniu punkty otrzymujesz za: opisanie ilustracji (pełny opis, zachowujący logiczny porządek), wyrażanie opinii (odpowiedź pełna, zgodna z treścią zadanego pytania). Opisując ilustrację, pamiętaj: o używaniu czasu Present Continuous: The boy is playing with his dog. o używaniu form przypuszczających: He might be waiting for his friends. He may be… I think he is… He can’t be… In

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This picture is a close-up of two boys. Both of them are wearing identical, white polo shirts – therefore I assume they attend the same school and the shirts are their school uniforms. The boys have got neatly trimmed, fair hair. The one in the foreground can be seen very well. His companion in the background of the picture, a bit to the left of the frame, is vaguely seen

Temat: dom (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: dom In the picture I can see four people. I guess they are members of one family as all of them are wearing very informal clothes – as far as I can see they are wearing pyjamas. The woman in the foreground is probably mother. She is sitting on the bed (I can see a tiny part of the checked pillow behind her) and smiling. She has got long,

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Temat: zdrowie The picture shows an operating room, usually referred as OR. In the foreground I can see a surgical table, probably with the patient lying on. I cannot see the person very well as it is almost completely covered with a greyish surgical blanket. The only part of his body I am able to recognize is situated slightly to the left of the picture and it is all white

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In the picture I can see a couple sitting at the table and talking. In the foreground of this photograph it is easy to notice a long, wooden and well – polished table shining in the light. The man is a bit to the left of the image. He is probably in his late twenties. I guess so because he has got smooth, handsome face and casual clothes. I am

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The picture shows a close-up of a flower and a bird. The bird is pointing with his bill to the inside of the flower. I am not sure what species of birds look like the one in the picture but I assume it might be a kind of a hummingbird. Hummingbirds are the tiniest animals in the world. Although most of them are famous for bright colours and the one

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Temat: sport In the foreground of this picture I can see a boy who seems to be flying in the sky with his skateboard attached to his feet. The boy is touching the skateboard with his right hand while his left one is pointing somewhere backwards into the clouds. The boy has quite dark complexion, he is tanned and well – built. He has got dark, curly hair, neatly trimmed,

Temat: sport (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: sport The photograph shows a man who is fishing on the bank of the lake or the river. The man is situated on the right-hand side of the picture. He is quite tall and rather well-built. He has got black hair and blushing cheeks. It makes me think he is fishing on the rather chilly day. I can see his neatly-trimmed, black sideburns sticking out from the hat. He

Temat: zakupy (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: zakupy Zaznaczone zwroty koniecznie zapamiętaj! Przydadzą się na ustnej maturze z angielskiego! In the foreground of this picture I can see a young woman. She is standing in front of the stall at the market and seems to be buying some maize since I can see a pile of this grain in the middle of the picture. I assume she might be of Italian of Spanish origin, taking into

Temat: podróżowanie i turystyka (Opis ilustracji)

Temat: podróżowanie i turystyka In the picture I can see three people. A black-haired woman is situated in the middle of the photograph. She must be a travel agent as she seems to be flicking through the holiday brochure that is open in front of her. I guess it is this kind of magazine because there are a lot of small pictures, probably the hotels and apartments offered by the