Guests time

Aunt Sally is coming next Monday… and she is going to stay for a week, my mum said. “Janet is coming with her”. “Who’s Janet?”, I yawned. “Your cousin. She is sixteen. Now, prepare the room for her. She’s going to sleep in your room and you are going to sleep with Maciek”. I wasn’t very happy. Maciek is my twelve-year old brother. I think you understand living with such a kid is a real nuissance.

Are you a fashion victim ?

1. This summer the most fashionable sunglasses are really huge. You try them on – and you look horrible! What sunglasses are you going to wear? A. I don’t try them on. I’ve been wearing my favourite mirror sunglasses for five or six years and I don’t see any point in replacing them. B. Of course I’m going to wear the trendy sunglasses even if I look strange. C. I won’t buy them if I look

How to be a good friend

There are no rules of being the best friend. But sometimes some knowledge can help you in making friends. 1. If you want to be a good friend, you should be a friend of someone you really like! 2. If you found somebody with similar interests and view of life, you should get to know this person better. 3. If you have nothing in common, don’t worry and keep searching – there

About holiday relationships

Falling in love is easier on a holiday. First of all, you have more time and you don’t think about exams and tests. Secondly, the sun makes your blood run faster. When you spend time at the seaside or near a lake, there are many opportunities to meet people of the other sex. Camps enable you to make friends. It happens that you meet somebody, fall in love, but then, when you

Check your lucky days and colours

Aries Your lucky days: April 13th, November 15th. Your colours: red – if you are tired, and green – when you can’t concentrate. Taurus Your lucky days: July 16th, December 14th. Your colours: white – when you feel weak, and blue – for parties. Gemini Your lucky days: April 21st, October 27th, December 30th. Your colours: red – to make you more creative, and blue – when you are sad.

Nad wodą. Conversation.

Getting ready – przygotowania Let’s spend the holidays/vacation/extended weekend/bank holiday by the lake. Spędźmy wakacje/długi weekend/dzień wolny od pracy nad jeziorem. Let’s go kayaking/sailing. Pojedźmy na kajaki/żeglować. Let’s take some time off and go fishing. Weźmy wolne i pojedźmy na ryby. Let’s relax by the river. Zrelaksujmy się nad rzeką. Let’s go camping. Jedźmy pod namioty. Accomodation and renting – zakwaterowanie i wypożyczanie I’m looking for a room. Szukam pokoju. Are there any

DO you believe in UFO?

1. Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? o yes  o no  o maybe 2. Do you think Earth has already been visited by beings from other worlds? o yes  o no  o maybe 3. Have you ever seen an UFO? o yes  o no  o maybe 4. Do you think the government is hiding knowledge about aliens? o yes  o no  o maybe 5. Do you think you or anyone you know has ever


What if you did not have to go down the stairs but could use the… slide? Yes, it is possible! What’s more, you may find such innovation in Tate Modern Art Gallery in London. Such a gigantic tube slide has been recently installed there. It goes from the top of the building all the way to the ground floor. But no worries, you can always use escalators or normal stairs, if


It is hard to be a celebrity, and especially, Paris Hilton. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has just sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in L.A. County jail. Why? She had violated her probation in a reckless driving case. Now she must do the time! What actually happened? Paris was once caught drink driving. It was not her first time so the police took her driving license. She went on probation


We are going to prove that Mexico is the mix of modern and traditional country… Megadiverse country Mexico is home of 10-12% of the world’s biodiversity. Mexico ranks first in biodiversity in reptiles with 707 known species, second in mammals with 438 species, fourth in amphibians with 290 species, and fourth in flora, with 26,000 different species! Mountain ranges and volcanoes The Mexican territory is crossed from north to south by two

Summer parties. Horoscope.

Aries It is so difficult for you to learn something new and you quarrel without any reason. Taurus You think you are Casanova and it terrorises everyone who’s near you. Don’t expect many invitations. Gemini You are so immature! And you are always the smartest person in the world. You have to count on your closest friends otherwise… no fun. Cancer You deceive people all the time. If you say

Skype talks – when you don’t want any more…

Imagine… You met him on a holiday in Greece. He is from Japan and you are from Poland – but it didn’t matter. Of course you communicated in English. Perhaps too easy to explain why you want to stop. You talked on Skype. At the beginning it was fascinating. But it isn’t. The reality is hard. Don’t waste your time. You must stop it as quickly as you can! We won’t

Stay on top!

Stay on top of the latest fashion trends! Great with skinny jeans and tunics. Leggins and very short dresses. Comfortable! And in so many colours and shapes that you can choose the ones that match you perfectly! If you love skimmers… Black skimmers for universal minds, minimalist moods, wearing black. Great with blue jeans, too. You will choose them if your maxim is simplicity. The leopard skimmers for passionate Lions

Your special task

When you don’t know what to do during holiday time go in for volunteering. It’s very satisfying and worth doing task. W e all know that English language skills have become crucial to success in virtually any profession, as it is regarded the international language of commerce, technology and opportunity. As I had English in high school at a very good level I have decided to join the volunteers. Any English speaker can


Some of us love it, some of us hate it. What do you associate with June? Whole year seems to be waiting for June to come. It’s the time, when school closes for two months so my life really begins. From the morning, until the late night, I can do whatever I want and I feel great. I can meet my friends, whenever I want, and sit up at my computer till dusk, without even

Are you ready for love?

1. Do you believe in love at first sight? A. Yes, of course! I believe only in this kind of love. B. Yes, sure! It has happened to me lots of times. C. Not really. 2. At a party you meet a boy/girl and feel really attracted to him/her. What do you do? A. I look at him/her intensely trying to show what I feel – if he/she is the one, he/she will feel the same – and look back! B. I ask

The blog for Jasmine

Monday I’m going to tell my parents today, when they come back from Crete. These two weeks have been the best in my life. Jasmine, this blog is for you, I want to express my feelings openly. Yes, I’m in love!!! You are my pearl, my treasure, my destiny, my dearest dolphin, my everything and this blog is a present for your birthday. When you are far away, you will make a click

Party time. Conversation.

Czas imprezowania When you are a host… Gdy jesteś gospodynią/gospodarzem… Make yourself at home. Czuj się jak u siebie w domu. I’ll show you around. Oprowadzę cię. What would you like to drink? Juice? Coke? Water? Co chcesz do picia? Sok? Colę? Wodę? I’ll introduce you to my friends. Przedstawię cię przyjaciołom. This is Mary, my friend from school. To Mary, moja koleżanka ze szkoły. When you are a guest… Gdy jesteś gościem… What

Going abroad

You are thinking about going abroad with your friends. Everything has been planned and prepared, but there is still that voice at the back of your head that tells you not to go because it’s too dangerous. Here are out tips to make sure you are well prepared no matter where you want to go! DO IT Don’t let the challenges dissuade you from what may be the most educational


Spain is a very popular destination nowadays. And it’s nothing strange – it has beautiful beaches, interesting cities, great bars and discos, tasty food… If you have a chance to visit one of the places below, you won’t regret! BARCELONA – for architecture lovers and all crazy people If you happen to visit Barcelona, go along las Ramblas. It’s the most vivid and cosmopolitan city in the world. You can see singers