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Angielski na wakacje


Dead Poets Society What is it about? About passion, frienship and courage. The action takes place at Welton Academy – an elite school for boys. John Keating (great Robin Williams!) is a new teacher. He is exceptional because he teaches the boys to show their feelings and to follow their hearts. Pupils belonging to a secret Society of Dead Poets meet in a cave and read poetry. For everybody who likes Robin Williams

Sharing flat – sharing life…

If you go to university in the future, you probably think a lot about where you are going to live. If you don’t opt for a students’ house, you might choose to rent a flat with your friends – this is much cheaper and can be fun! We asked a few people about their experience in sharing a flat. Monika I was very happy when I read my name on

Do you like gossiping? (Test)

Do you like talking about other people? Or maybe you think you are the best so there is no need to talk about others? If you want to check it, do our test! Answer yes or no to each question and read your description.

Something about your appearance!

There are many people who can read your future in cards or in the stars. There are also some who can read your fortune from a palm of your hand. But did you know that your character and some behaviours are written in the way that you look? Everything counts – your face, your hair and the way you move! Now you can just look in a mirror or at

Can you recognize people of different signs?

Can you recognize people of different signs? Read the horoscope and check. ARIES (BARAN) You are often strong, muscular and well-built. You are good-looking: what attracts attention is your face. Usually you have sharp features, wide eye-brows and reddish face. You love red colour and wearing latest fashions, with bright-coloured accessories. TAURUS (BYK) You usually have a square face, small eyes and ears. Your hair is often dark and wavy or

Dalai Lama’s test

This is one of the most popular psychologic tests. If you want to know the truth about yourself, answer the four questions below in the given order. Remember that your answers have to be honest. Don’t look at the answers. Don’t cheat. Use a piece of paper to write your answers. Before beginning the test MAKE A WISH. Now go down slowly and do each task without looking ahead! 1.

Cinderella a year after

Have you ever thought what happened to Cinderella a year after? Nobody talks about that, but perhaps they should… If you have, then you must have invented your own version, but if you haven’t here is one. Remember what Cinderella looked like? A good looking woman, feminine and charming, but a little shy. The softness of her blond, curly hair was amazing! Clear, blue eyes, expressive eye-lashes, regular, harmonious features. The

What are your favourite colours.

Now ask your partner or friend about his/her favourite colour and check for the perfect match! For example: [S] – There is or there will be perfect love between you. You attract each other and even after two years together you still feel butterflies in your stomach… We all envy you… [H] – The hand means help and you can help each other a lot: give advice, inspire or even

What colour are you? (Quiz)

Choose your favourite colour and read about your character! White If your favourite colour is white, you are an introvert person. Although you are usually hard-working, modest and you don’t like to boast about your achievements. You live in your own world, and sometimes you can be selfish. Orange The orange people are intelligent and versatile. They are always very busy with their own life and may become aggressive and