Accidents happen. Conversation.

Accidents happen – Wypadki chodzą po ludziach My train is leaving – mój pociąg odjeżdża From which platform leaves train to…? Z którego peronu odjeżdża pociąg do…? May/Can I have return /one way ticket to…? Czy mogę prosić o bilet powrotny/w jedną stronę do…? Excuse me, where is the railway/bus station? Przepraszam, gdzie jest dworzec autobusowy/kolejowy? How to get to railway/bus station? Jak dotrzeć do dworca autobusowego/kolejowego? Where is the left luggage/ tisket

Horse riding guide. Conversation.

Horse riding is a fantastic sport. If you want to be a good rider, you have to know how to ride but also how to take care of your horse and how to behave to be safe. Remember! A horse is much stronger than you are so you have to keep your head clear when handling a horse. Meeting a horse – Poznanie konia This horse is beautiful. Ten koń jest piękny. Stroke him gently. Pogłaszcz go

How to get more money?

It’s impossible to save up a lot of money for holiday when you‘re a teen… 10.05 I have decided today that no longer will my parents rule my finances! I need money for holiday and I’m planning to save up some cash. I have devised a cunning plan. This is the time to implement it. 11.05 Today I have decided to take advantage of every possible opportunity to make money. I’m 17 and I have discovered that some

In the mountains. Conversatin.

In the mountains – W górach Nature – przyroda Let’s go hiking. Chodźmy w góry. We’re going to climb the mountain/go up the hill. Zamierzamy wejść na górę/wzgórze. I won’t make it to the top. Nie wejdę na szczyt. Let’s walk in the wood/forest and pick up raspberries/blueberries. Pospacerujmy w lesie i pozbierajmy maliny/jagody. There is a beautiful valley here. We can have a rest. Jest tu piękna dolina. Możemy odpocząć. The water in the stream is

I’m fed up with it!

My secret diary… It is high time I made some decisions about my life. I am a young, easy-going, fun-loving teenager who has mature plans about starting my own company and who wants to leave a warm homey nest as soon as possible but my family puts huge stones on my way! Whenever I come home from school all from my friends, at the end of my tether, my parents keep asking me if I can


This city is home to countless historical and modern attractions, there’s no better place to soak up some culture. There’s no shortage of things to do in London, make sure you know what’s on, what’s new and what’s good. Plan your visit well and simply enjoy yourself! There are many ways of sightseeing. You can walk around, travel by bus or the tube even spend money on taxis, but there

Check your sign and find out something interesting about yourself!

ARIES Dare-devil Aries demands a holiday adventure. Any trip must thrill them to the core and be packed with exciting things to do. With their independent spirit they crave any chance to go off and explore without family, partner or any ties to hold them back. TAURUS With their love of nature, offer Taurus a chance to sample the ecologically and environmentally friendly and they’re in their element. Ruled by the goddess

Cycling. Conversation.

Cycling – jazda na rowerze Let’s go cycling. Chodźmy pojeździć na rowerze. Have you got a map? Czy masz mapę? I know some nice routes. Znam parę fajnych tras. It’s far/not far from here. To daleko/niedaleko stąd. Where is the pump? Gdzie jest pompka? I’ve got a flat tyre. Złapałem gumę. I have to put the chain on the tyre. Muszę nałożyć łańcuch. My lights don’t work. Światła mi nie działają. You’re going too fast/too

On the beach. Conversation.

On the beach– na plaży The sea is really warm today. Morze jest dzisiaj naprawdę ciepłe. The sea is rough. Morze jest wzburzone. The waves are high. Fale są wysokie. This is a pebble beach: let’s look for a sandy beach. To jest kamienista plaża: poszukajmy piaszczystej. I want to build sandcastles. Chcę budować zamki z piasku. Pun on your slippers – the sand is really hot today! Załóż klapki – piasek jest dzisiaj

The fatal campfire

There were better and worse moments in my life but there was one thing in which I was lucky. My class. Three years ago, when I saw them for the first time, we didn’t know anything about each other, apart from the fact that we would get bored together during lessons and perhaps play truant. It was a small class in a private school – there were only ten of us. Six boys and


On the map it looks like a lizard. Or a caterpillar. A long island on the Caribbean, famous for conga drums, the aroma of hand-made cigars, night clubs and – first of all – music. Have you seen “Buena Vista Social Club”? The “grandpas” singing and smoking? Most people who visit Cuba, go either to Havana, or Varadero. The latter is a typical holiday place with hotels, restaurants and beaches (they say it’s difficult

Hitchhiking and camping. Converation.

Hitchhiking – Autostop Are you going to… Czy jedzie pan/pani do… Can you take us to… Czy może pan/pani zabrać nas do… We our going to… Jedziemy do… Our destination is… Nasz cel to… There is a lot of traffic today. Duży dzisiaj ruch. There’s been an accident. Był wypadek. There is a traffic jam. Jest korek. We’ve been travelling in this part of Spain for two weeks. Podróżujemy po tej części

You’re havingguests. Hot tips!

1. Remember that hospitality is something really precious. We should treat our guests well and they should feel good at our home. Before they come, ask them what they would like to do. They must have some ideas and plans. There are two types of guests. Either they don’t know what to do and see and they expect you will organize something. Then you must ask them about their interests,

Guests time

Aunt Sally is coming next Monday… and she is going to stay for a week, my mum said. “Janet is coming with her”. “Who’s Janet?”, I yawned. “Your cousin. She is sixteen. Now, prepare the room for her. She’s going to sleep in your room and you are going to sleep with Maciek”. I wasn’t very happy. Maciek is my twelve-year old brother. I think you understand living with such a kid is a real nuissance.

Are you a fashion victim ?

1. This summer the most fashionable sunglasses are really huge. You try them on – and you look horrible! What sunglasses are you going to wear? A. I don’t try them on. I’ve been wearing my favourite mirror sunglasses for five or six years and I don’t see any point in replacing them. B. Of course I’m going to wear the trendy sunglasses even if I look strange. C. I won’t buy them if I look

How to be a good friend

There are no rules of being the best friend. But sometimes some knowledge can help you in making friends. 1. If you want to be a good friend, you should be a friend of someone you really like! 2. If you found somebody with similar interests and view of life, you should get to know this person better. 3. If you have nothing in common, don’t worry and keep searching – there

Check your lucky days and colours

Aries Your lucky days: April 13th, November 15th. Your colours: red – if you are tired, and green – when you can’t concentrate. Taurus Your lucky days: July 16th, December 14th. Your colours: white – when you feel weak, and blue – for parties. Gemini Your lucky days: April 21st, October 27th, December 30th. Your colours: red – to make you more creative, and blue – when you are sad.

Nad wodą. Conversation.

Getting ready – przygotowania Let’s spend the holidays/vacation/extended weekend/bank holiday by the lake. Spędźmy wakacje/długi weekend/dzień wolny od pracy nad jeziorem. Let’s go kayaking/sailing. Pojedźmy na kajaki/żeglować. Let’s take some time off and go fishing. Weźmy wolne i pojedźmy na ryby. Let’s relax by the river. Zrelaksujmy się nad rzeką. Let’s go camping. Jedźmy pod namioty. Accomodation and renting – zakwaterowanie i wypożyczanie I’m looking for a room. Szukam pokoju. Are there any

DO you believe in UFO?

1. Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets? o yes  o no  o maybe 2. Do you think Earth has already been visited by beings from other worlds? o yes  o no  o maybe 3. Have you ever seen an UFO? o yes  o no  o maybe 4. Do you think the government is hiding knowledge about aliens? o yes  o no  o maybe 5. Do you think you or anyone you know has ever


What if you did not have to go down the stairs but could use the… slide? Yes, it is possible! What’s more, you may find such innovation in Tate Modern Art Gallery in London. Such a gigantic tube slide has been recently installed there. It goes from the top of the building all the way to the ground floor. But no worries, you can always use escalators or normal stairs, if